What's new or what's doing? 370z cold air intake & 6AN adapters

What's new or what's doing? 370z cold air intake & 6AN adapters

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We've recently put together a new series called what's doing with Dylan, one of our engineers here in Australia. Basically on a weekly basis were uploading a short 5 minute video to show you what we've been working on. We have an incredible focus on product development in house here at Gktech and decided it's time to give everyone a more in depth look at what we've been up to. What's doing is Australian slang as a greeting, the same as saying hey what's up? So here it is: What we've been up to!

So basically I'll be summarising our videos in the form of a blog post, for those who prefer the old-fashioned way and choose to read about it. This week we discussed an exciting new part, an R chassis bearing dust cap to suit our V2 drop knuckles. We also show you our 370Z No cut cold air intake pipes, -6an Power steering fittings and our new R32 overflow bottles.

R Chassis knuckle bearing dust cap

First off is our all new R chassis bearing dust caps. This is something that was commonly requested, as there previously wasn't a way to protect the R chassis front wheel bearings from dust and debris. Designed with CAD software, 3d printed for test fitting and as shown our final prototype. A really cool feature is an O ring that ensures no dust and debris can enter the wheel bearing.

370Z No cut cold air intake pipes

This is something we were high in anticipation for as it was designed on our very own Nismo 370Z. Fabricated here in Australia, we 3D scanned the pipes before putting them into production.

We had some strict requirements when designing the intake pipes:
- No modifications required for install
- No tune required
- As close to symmetrical in design with the MAF to face downwards giving a cleaner engine bay look
- Perfect fit for the 370Z chassis in both LHD and RHD vehicles - Uncommon with other designs on the market
- Polished and black to be offered
- Hoses to be available individually for those DIY fabricators looking to make their own intakes

With the end result meeting all our expectations we are stoked to say the least, as the pipes are 2.5" they won't require a tune making them a perfect bolt-on performance part. The factory airboxes proving to be a large restriction for airflow, and for those who care a large reduction in intake noise! We're happy to say we not only have a solution but a performance upgrade.

Power steering -6AN adapters

The next product we discussed was our all-new -6an power steering adapters. This was another product that we decided to make due to the lack of local ability here in Australia. With only ‘universal’ options which don’t seal correctly and some close calls coming up to track days, we made our own solution.

Our fittings are definitely unique when compared to other generic options available. With some key requirements in mind this is what we ended up with:
- CNC machined Stainless Steel 316 
- Custom machined M14 and M16 for high pressure and return PS lines
- Designed to seal the same as OEM, matching the OEM measurements.

These are to be used when removing the OEM power steering lines and going to a braided line set up, the reason we used the OEM sealing method is due to the factory casting on the power steering rack not having a machined surface. The fitting does not have a taper that seals, rather it is an o-ring that does all the sealing against the internal taper within the rack.

R32 Overflow bottles

They're finally here, after a long time we can proudly say that our R32 Skyline replacement overflow bottles are in stock. We aren't pricing it silly or giving it a lame name like a heritage program, we're just making it possible for R32 owners to clean up their engine bay.

As OEM parts are becoming harder and harder to source we've recently discovered the difficulty of sourcing parts, in fact, this product was the end result of not being able to replace the overflow in one of our personal GTR's. We have made these to the highest standards and to be a direct replacement of your standard overflow coolant bottle.

- 100% direct replacement of your standard overflow coolant bottle
- Fits both R32 GTS/GTS-T and GT-R's

So that's it for the first episode of 'What's doing with Dyl'. With more epsiodes to come, we are moving from the Instagram platform to the YouTube platform which we are excited about. In saying that, I'll continue to update everyone with all our new products right here on the blog!

Thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback be sure to let me know.

Zac Bognar



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