Hi there! It’s no secret we have an involvement with motorsport worldwide. Including working with some of the world's best drifters, local legends who continue to kick ass in the grassroots world, and some garage-built cars that are undeniably cool.

Sponsorship is the word in everyone’s mouth when it comes to building and driving a car, whether it’s in competition, or purely for entertaining fans through content creation. This can lead to some fantastic relationships which are beneficial to both us and the drivers we work with!

But, let’s be real. Most of our inquiries consist of people who are not familiar with sponsorship or what it’s like to work with a brand like ours. So please, have a read of this before lodging your application. Please remember that at the end of the day, sponsorship is a marketing-based decision, it’s not personal.

To begin with, sponsorship will only be accepted VIA email with a formal proposal.

A proposal will usually consist of the following:
- Who you are / Where you are from / Contact details
- The car you drive / Are building / The car's current spec / Future spec sheet
- Photos of said vehicle
- Social media accounts / Instagram / youtube channels etc / Engagement data is a HUGE bonus
- Previous event accolades / Future events planned
- Previous successful content / Future content planned
- Current sponsors
- What you can offer in return for sponsorship? Content? Livery? Brand placement etc
- What are you looking to receive as a sponsorship, product? Money?
- Any additional information worth mentioning, previous products used, previous successful partnerships etc

Without being direct in the proposal, it’s not very assuring for us as a potential sponsor. If you can present information well and set expectations directly, it’s usually a good sign to us that an end result will be delivered.

To be a successful candidate you must:
- Have a passionate and fantastic attitude towards motorsport and the chassis you drive
- Present professionally, both online and in person. This applies to you AND your vehicle.
- Fantastic communication skills, this is a valuable life skill if you didn’t know already. Communication is key in any form of relationship, ESPECIALLY sponsorship.
- Be social media savvy or have access to someone who is, managing your social media is something that is important. It is simply the time we live in, online presence plays a GIANT part in modern-day marketing.
- Possess a social media following / be competitive in your series / have a one-off unique build. An influencer is a word that gets thrown around a lot, if you have to question whether you are influential, you’re probably not. This doesn’t rule out those grassroots drivers locally, they can definitely be influential and I believe in the little guys. But remember the underlined statement.

If this all comes across as pretty daunting, you might not be as ready as you think.
If you feel that you are ready to reach out and you’ve made it this far, making the application is pretty simple.

The application is to be directly emailed to zac@gktech.com.au, subject the email with your name and the words sponsorship proposal. "Subject: Your name here - Sponsorship proposal".

NO application is to be made via social media, it is to be sent directly VIA email with your formal proposal. Don’t have a proposal? Read this page again. Please allow some time for application review, patience is appreciated.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and hey, look forward to hearing from you soon!