S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)
S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)
S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)
S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)
S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)


S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)

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S13/R32/Z32 or S14/S15/R33/R34?:S13/R32
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S/R Chassis OEM Rear LCA Spherical bearing upgrade (set of 4)


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Product enquiry

Want to reduce bush deflection and change out your tired OEM rear LCA bushes?

Well, we have made replacements, however, they are a spherical bushing rather then a polyurethane or rubber bushing to significanty reduce bush deflection and ensure a much smoother operation throughout the range of suspension travel.

The GKTECH Spherical bush replacements are a direct replacement of the OEM bushes and utilize a PTFE lined spherical bearings that are readily available from any bearing shop (or us) should you need to replace the bearing in the future. It's as simple as pressing the old spherical out and the new common bearing in (COM8T). Great for performance and servicability! 

Available for either S13/R32 or S14/S15/R33/R34 LCA's. 

Sold as a set of 4 bushes to replace both sides of your rear LCA's bushes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ezra Mollman
amazing product

these bushings pressed in firmly, and all do their job, bought them to do the s13 anti squat reduction with stock lca, have yet to try them out but quality is amazing

Steven Reinholtz
Lower Spherical Bearings fit nicely

Super easy to install, popped the old ones out, pressed the new Spherical in. Well worth it if your OEM bushings need replacing or just looking to upgrade.

How to Install

Great product.

For those of you lost on how to install these, there are a few ways to go about removal and install.

Removal/install as follows

1) Burn/melt rubber to expose inner bushing casing, cut inner bushing casing with a dremel, fold casing inward and hammer out. Press new parts in. Support the arm!

2) use a press or vice or c clamp. This requires one extra step. use whatever tool of your choosing to remove the “head” or “lip” of the original bushing casing. Essentially removing it, exposing the front face of the bushing housing part of the RLCA and then simply support one side with a socket or pipe and press away.

Hope this helps!

Charles Alsbury
No tutorial

Cool part but every experienced mechanic is scared to install these and I’ve broke some s13 rlca in the past so I’m out the question. These need a good install video

Hi Charles, unfortunately, we don't have tutorials for every product due to the sheer volume of products that we make (sometimes our media guys take longer making a video than our engineers take to develop a product) but we're always open to suggestions as to what our customers want to see so I'll pass your feedback on. I'd suggest cutting out the OEM bushings rather than pressing them out and the fit on our new sphericals is not stupidly large so they should press in just fine. It's not a difficult job by any means, it's just a matter of positioning the LCA's within a press without loading up the opposite side.

max fougeres
Lca spherical bush

Fast ship, great parts as always! Watch the vid do and they say and it’ll all go well. Looking forward to my next purchase