S/R Chassis to 350/370Z Diff Conversion Bushes
S/R Chassis to 350/370Z Diff Conversion Bushes


S/R Chassis to 350/370Z Diff Conversion Bushes

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S/R Chassis to 350/370Z Diff Conversion Bushes

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Product enquiry

The GKTECH S/R Chassis to 350z/370z Diff conversion bushes allow you to bolt in the stronger 350z/370z/G35/G37 differential to your 2 bolt R200 S14/S15/R33/R34 subframe.

The bushes are CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and require no further modification to the subframe, just simply press the two bushes into the diff, while pressing the other in the subframe.

You will notice there are two options to choose from, most commonly people have the OEM single bolt cover, which comes as shown in the product photo. To help strengthen the rear support of the diff and counteract the single stud we do now also offer a diff brace (optional item). 

The other selection is for two bolt Z33/Z34 diff housings, which will come with two front bushes and two rear bushes.

NOTE: Upon fitment, please check driveshaft (CV/axle) length to ensure there are no possibilities of the driveshaft (CV/axle) overextending or driveshaft (CV/axle) compression, which may lead to failures. 

NOTE #2: The option "Z33/Z34 diff conversion secondary bush (for S14/S15 subframe)" is for those that are already running the conversion bush set (3pcs) and only want to purchase the 4th bush when running one of our CNC machined billet diff covers or the Greddy dual stud diff cover.


Will this fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.

Do you make these to suit other cars?
We only sell the parts listed on our website. If it's not listed on our website, then we don't sell it. Sorry.

What's the advantage of using the GKTech 350/370z diff conversion bushes?
The 350z/370z/G35/G37 diffs are becoming more readily available and are newer than the 15+ year old diffs people use now. They also have driveshaft (CV/ axle) sensors which are great to use for calculating wheel speed. The stub spline that goes into the diff center is the same as R33 GTR being a 31 spline. As opposed to the R32 GTR diff being 30 spline and the R33 GTS-T diff being 29 spline. 

The pinion gear thread is also larger on these diffs then any S/R chassis diff. They also use Rzeppa style driveshafts (CV/ axles), which are significantly stronger as oppose to the Tripod design S/R chassis have which are weaker.

The driveshafts of the all the CV/ axles excluding the 370z also directly bolt up to S/R chassis wheel hubs. The 370z shafts have a GTR spline output to the rear wheel bearing/hub, meaning the wheel bearing/hub would need to be changed to the GTR equivalent.

What modifications are required, is this hard to fit?
You will need to redrill your diff flange to suit your tailshaft bolt PCD, which can be done relatively easily. Then press the bushes into the diff and subframe. Please take note of which direction the rear bush is to be facing based on the position of the diff stud before pressing the bush in.

Is there anything else needed for installation?
You will need to purchase the diff itself. Apart from that, the OEM hardware can be used as the bushes will arrive as shown in the product photo.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?
Yes, it is relatively straightforward. Once the subframe is out it should take around 45 minutes.

Do these bushes offset where the diff mounts in the subframe?
No, the bushings have been designed to align the diff in the center of the subframe.

I keep breaking the teeth off my crown wheel, will this diff be strong enough to stop that happening?
No, the crown wheel and pinion and the same between S/R/350z/370z/G35/G37. That is why they are still called an R200.

What sort of ratios do these diffs have?
The 350z/370z/G35/G37 diffs have a wide variety of OEM ratios which can be seen here;
Z33 - MT - R200 - 3.538
Z33 - MT - R200V - 3.538
Z33 - AT - R200V - 3.357
Z34 – MT – R200V – 3.692
Z34 – AT – R200V – 3.357
G35 - Sedan - AT - R200 - 3.357
G35 - Sedan - MT - R200V - 3.538
G35 - Sedan - AWD - AT - R200 - 3.357
G35 - Coupe - MT - R200V - 3.538
G35 - Coupe - AT - R200 - 3.357
G35 - Coupe - AT - R200V - 3.357
G37 – Sedan – AT - R200V – 3.357
G37 – Sedan – MT – R200V – 3.692

They also have aftermarket support with ratios from 3.9, 4.1 and 4.3





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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chase Schoonderwoerd
Great product and ship out time , however...

Just give option for someone other than Australian post. Took nearly a month to get to me in from Australia to New Zealand . DHL might be a better option ?

Hi Chase, I'm glad to hear you're happy with your item. The good news is that we do also offer DHL in the checkout (and Fedex)

They work but..


Figuring out the orientation of the bushes is a nightmare.

Would be great if you guys did a guide for this one

Also my r33 sway bar needs to be spaced out as it hits the diff

Glenn Bradley
Update product notes

I have yet to use the item, but upon receiving and test fitting in my diff, I found the front bushings to be a non-interference fit. I emailed to inquire as I was expecting interference fitment in the front ears of the diff assembly.

Perhaps adding a line in the product description would prevent or answer these questions for future sales.

Overall, the product looks great and I’m looking forward to getting my Z34 Nismo diff installed.

Hi Glenn, as the guys probably explained it's unnecessary for the front bushings to be an interference fit. It will just make the install more difficult without any real need as the diff is sandwiched against the subframe and physically can't move.

Timothy Innis
Great quality yet again

Great product, fits like a glove 🤌

Leclercq Valentin
Pièces conforme

Delivery on time in France thank you and the parts are as described.