V2 S13/180SX bolt on angle kit (RCC Kit)
V2 S13/180SX bolt on angle kit (RCC Kit)
V2 S13/180SX bolt on angle kit (RCC Kit)


V2 S13/180SX bolt on angle kit (RCC Kit)

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V2 S13/180SX bolt on angle kit (RCC Kit)

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Product enquiry

The V2 GKTECH roll center correction kit is now made from 1030 forged steel and provides 1.57'' (40mm) of roll center correction,1.57'' (40mm) of bump steer correction and also re-positions the steering arm to increase steering lock. With two different pickup points for the tie rod, this now offers two settings, allowing for more aggressive steering response and less Ackerman which will provide faster steering!

The roll centre correction kit bolts up to the bottom of your standard knuckle and can be removed with no ramifications at all. Circa 60+ degrees of locks achievable without offset rack spacers once the factory LCA lock stop is removed but if you're running lots of camber or caster using our offset rack spacers is a good idea to avoid steering bind.

With supporting modifications these can see similar lock to V4 drop knuckles! With the introduction of our NEW price, they are by far the cheapest way of getting both roll centre correction and lock!

NOTE: These will increase camber as it pushes the bottom of the wheel out 0.98'' (25mm) so best to only use with adjustable camber tops.

NOTE#2: If you are running S14/S15 knuckles in your car then you will need the S14/S15 RC correction kit as these are knuckle specific

Want to see these in action?
The following car only has our RCCK, slip in rack spacers and high clearance castor arms. All other parts OEM.


Are camber tops essential? What if I have coilovers without camber adjustment?
Camber tops are not essential however without them you will be running quite a bit of negative camber (-3 or more depending on the height of your car).

Does installing this kit require a wheel alignment?
Yes, it alters both your camber and toe so a wheel alignment will be required after installation.

Can this kit be used without modifying steering parts (no extenders)?
Yes it can however if you are experiencing steering bind from running lots of camber and/or caster then our offset rack spacers will help to eliminate steering bind

Are there any cons of your bolt on RC Correction kit Vs the front knuckles?
The only disadvantage to the bolt on RC correction kit is that it pushes the bottom of the ball joint out 30mm. This increases the scrub radius of your wheel 30mm (just like a bolt on wheel spacer or lower offset rim would do). If you are already running low offset rims (less than +20mm or wider than 10 inches) then you may have clearance issues.

Which tie rod position does what?
The tie rod position that is furtherest from the balljoint is the 'Grip Position' it offers 40mm bump steer correction and 40mm roll center correction, it still increases steering lock just not as much as the other position.

The tie rod position that is closest to the balljoint, still offers 40mm of bump steer correction and 40mm of roll center correction as the other position does, however is the 'Drift Position' and it offers faster steering, low ackerman and has the maximum amount of lock available with this kit.

Do you carry spare parts for this product?
Yes we carry the following spare parts for this product

S13/180Sx Roll Center Correction Kit Balljoint Shank - Spare part can be found here

Roll Center Correction Kit Tie Rod End Shank - Spare part can be found here

RC Conversion kit tie rod shank to bolt conversion - Spare part can be found here



S13 CA18 180SX
S13 SR20 180SX

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Eli Duykers
Good design, inconsistent manufacturing quality

I've bought two of these kits over the last year or two. The design and function are good, however one of them had a poorly tapped thread which would not allow the stud to engage. Since it's a very large tap size and into cast iron, I was unable to rectify this myself and had to send it back. So all-in-all, I give it three stars and a solid "alright, I guess."

Sorry for the trouble Eli. We are consistently working on improvement throughout the business but as you did see, if there ever is an issue we will resolve it as quickly and painfully as possible.

Carlos Oliveira
Great product as always

Such a simple install and great design. Simply transforms the car.

Sterling Dean
Angle Kit excellence

Fit, function, price, what else can I say.
10 out of 10. GK tech for Life!

Ming Yu pang
Awesome service and respond time

Item fits and angle for this kit was totally on point. Everything i needed for the setup

Cesar Hernandez
Budget Angle Kit for S13!!!!

The installing was quick and easy I opened the box and everything was packed nicely, I read the instructions got my tools out and got to work!! Within about 2 hrs I had the angle kit installed and now I have tons of angle!!! I cant wait to test it out at my first drift event!!!!