S13/180sx/R32 HICAS Lock bar
S13/180sx/R32 HICAS Lock bar


S13/180sx/R32 HICAS Lock bar

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S13/180sx/R32 HICAS Lock bar

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Product enquiry

The all new V3 chromoly rear HICAS lock bar is a direct replacement of your stock HICAS steering unit and as the name suggest, locks the rear steer in place. Essential for Motorsport or as an option to fix the broken expensive OE Nissan part.


What is the advantage of using a HICAS lock bar?
The HICAS lock bar replaces the standard unit and gives you more predictability of the rear of your vehicle. A must if you plan on drifting your car or taking it to the track.

What does HICAS actually do?
The HICAS system is meant to help with handling however given that the technology is 20 or so years old, it's certainly not great and is hated by most. Chances are if you have felt HICAS work while driving with a bit of excitement, you want to remove it ASAP!

How do I know if my car has HICAS or not?
HICAS equipped cars have a power steering reservoir level sensor built into the cap and two wires and a float inside the reservoir. If you lift off the power steering cap with those wires the HICAS light will turn on when you start the car. Looking under the rear of the car you will also find hydraulic hoses and another steering rack device hooked to the differential and the rear suspension to steer the rear wheels. When the key is turned on and motor not started the warning lights come on (HICAS) light shows up then too.

Will this HICAS lock bar fit my car?
We can only guarantee fitment for the vehicles listed above under Vehicle Compatibility. If your car is not listed there then we don't know if it will fit your car. Please don't ask us as we do not know the answer.

Will my HICAS light stay on if I install this HICAS lock bar?
Yes, the HICAS light on your dash will stay on if the ECU thinks that it's not working correctly. This can easily be resolved by removing the bulb for the HICAS warning light behind the dash

Is there anything else that I need to install this HICAS lock bar?
No, everything required is included (minus tools, obviously).



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rickey alexander
Great item

The material of the item looks really strong.

Aden cheesbrough
Gtr r32 hicas bar

Bolted in no fitting problems looks great, would buy again

Zak Alexander
Gktech lockout kit

Came in 2 days, fit perfectly, nice overall design and finish, came with everything I needed to cap the lines and delete the hicas and at a reasonable price. 10/10 would recommend

Marjorie Adams
Not Exactly what I needed

The part received was as advertised, but trying to pull the tie rods out of an R32 HICAS rack to swap them into the GKTech lockout bar is a challenging ordeal. You need a HUGE vise and special wrenches to get the rack apart. Then, I found that there was play in the ball sockets of my existing rack, so it was better to just order the complete HICAS delete kit...so I returned the lockout bar.

Replacement Tie Rods are about $100 each, so to buy this part and install it with the lockout bar would only save you having to press out the ball joints in the knuckles IF you build it up with OE Tie Rods. Using the existing Tie Rods (providing you can successfully remove them from the rack) is an iffy proposition as well if they are worn at all...stars have to align properly to use this.

GKTech make a quality product, there are others that market this same piece, but (for me anyway) its usefulness is debatable...

larry jaramillo
r32 lock out bar

shipped super fast and was overall pretty easy to install . best bang for your buck for hicas delete