V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair
V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair
V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair
V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair


V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair

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V2 Axle Spacers (5mm, 10mm or 15mm) - Pair

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Product enquiry

The GKTECH axle spacers are CNC machined from billet aluminium and are concentric in design to ensure the perfect fit. Our V2 version goes between the driveshafts and the hubs and eliminates the need for longer bolts which under high loads can strip out.

We now have the option of a spacer as thin as 5mm which is perfect for lowered cars however when running extended LCA's, S14/S15 subframe in an S13 or running bolt on dual caliper brake kits the 10mm-15mm are more suitable. Without axle spacers the hub is moved out and as such the CV's become more and more prone to damage. These axle spacers resolve this issue.

Want more technical information, product benefits and a look into the design process? Click here: 

Sold as a pair only.

NOTE: We can only confirm fitment on OEM wheel bearings.

 Running 10mm or larger spacers will require you to modify the OEM axle nut in order to use the split pin. Alternatively you can run a suitable thread locking compound.

NOTE#3: The further that you space the hub out from the drive shaft the less spline engagement that you have. For most cars this will not be an issue but if you're running high levels of torque and/or you have had issues with stripping splines in the past then please keep this in mind.

NOTE#4: Z32 300ZX knuckle may need slight shaving upon fitment.


Will this fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.

Do you make these to suit other cars?
We only sell the part listed on our website. If it's not listed on our website, then we don't sell it. Sorry.

What's the advantage of using the GKTech axle spacers?
This ensures that if you do space your hub out between 5mm - 15mm that there will remain proper CV engagement. Not taking this into account can cause premature failure of the driveshafts/axles.

What modifications are required, is this hard to fit?
No modications are required, however if you are using a 10 or 15mm spacer you will need to modify the OEM driveshaft/nut to accomodate for the cage and split pin. You can also use a thread locking compound.

Is there anything else needed for installation?
No modifications are required, simply just remove and refit, you can also use all your existing components. The axle spacers will arrive as shown in the product photo.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?
Yes, provided the driveshaft is not seized installation should take around 45 minutes.

How do I know which size axle spacer to choose?
The most accurate way is to jack up the vehicle lowering it down on ramps having the suspension loaded and enough room for you to get under. Then unbolt the driveshaft from the driveshaft to stub flange on the diff side. Then with the driveshaft in a relaxed postition you can measure what size spacer you need.

How do I know what axles I have?
You can measure the spline on your axles but unless your car is a GTR/Z32 TT or you know it's been upgraded then it will most likely have non GTR/Z32 TT axles (it's an expensive upgrade so isn't all that common).

How do these compare to the bolt on kind that you used to make?
The bolt on kind under high loads was prone to destroying the supplied grade 12.9 hardware. The slip in spacers don't have this issue however they do reduce the spline contact between the axle and the hub. Ie. the spline is 60mm's in length so if you add a 5mm spacer then you're reducing the spline contact by 8% or going to the 15mm spacer reduces the contact by 25%. This shouldn't be an issue for most cars but there is the increase in chance of stripping splines (albeit we haven't seen it happen). 



C33 Laurel
C34 Laurel
C35 Laurel
S13 CA18 180SX
S13 SR20 180SX
Z32 300ZX
Z33 350Z


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Craig Channer
A need for axle spacers.

I initially ordered the 5mm spacers and upon further measuring decided the 10mm spacers were needed. So I placed an order for the 10mm ones. Due to a delivery delay of the 5mm spacers the 10mm ones came first, which was to my advantage.
I have a q45 differential in my z32 TT with TT 6 bolt half shafts so the length is about 3/8" too short. The only problem using the spacers are approximately 3.235" in diameter and the z32 TT hub is only 3.025". So I had a machinist turn down the spacer diameter to 3.0" to fit in the z32 hub and all works well.

Tuan Vu

Easy and thanks for the tips and videos!

Christpoher Currey
Axle Spacers

Perfect fitment, great value for money

Christopher Currey
Hub Spacers

Extremely satisfied

Dennis Rockholt
Perfect fit

We used the spacer after installing the secondary caliper for the e brake setup on my ‘08 350. This spacer was perfect fit to what was needed