Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace
Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace
Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace
Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace
Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace
Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace


Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace

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Z33 350z/V35 Diff Brace

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Product enquiry

The GKTECH diff brace provides additional support to the diff in your 350z or V35 Skyline resulting in reduced wheel hop under hard driving conditions.

The OEM diff cover uses just a single bush and stud which is prone to premature wear and excessive movement which can cause the rear stud to break off the cover.

Our kit is unique. It's compact and rigid design utilizes an existing hole in the subframe and as such, is very easy to install with nothing more than a couple of spanners being required for the 3 bolts.

- Solid steel sheet metal construction, TIG welded and e-coated for rust prevention.

Customer Reviews

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Ayden Wood
My diff ripped itself out BEFORE this mod

I outfitted the diff brace with solid diff bushings, and appart from the noise, which isn’t even the loudest thing in my car… so whatever, this thing holds up to the abuuuuuse!!! Highly recommended any of GKtech’s products! Love the quality, keep it coming!

Dawson Dunn
Diff Brace

Arrived fast easy install and can tell a difference 100% I’m satisfied

Chris Van Roy
V35 skyline coupe diff brace

Fantastic product that made my v35 skyline coupe feel more solid on acceleration and better feel in the steering wheel. Together with the diff bushing it's the perfect combo. GKTECH is incredible quality and craftsmanship, fast delivery and brilliant customer service. They went above and beyond to assist me. Keep up the great work.

Mark G.
Increased Rating! Update to my previous review from Dec 24th 2022. Solid product! Still, some min...

After further investigation, it was confirmed that the shop who installed my Whiteline differential bushings many years ago, made a mistake and got the forward bushings installed upside-down (thin halves were on top, when they should have been on the bottom). This caused the horrible alignment issues I was experiencing. After correcting this mistake, the brace was able to align nearly without issue. The fitment was still very tight and I decided to shave about 1/16th of an inch of material off the mating surface of the center bolt guide. This gave the appropriate clearance I needed to install the brace without the need to hammer or tap it into place against the aluminum subframe & Nismo diff cover. All the bolts threaded in without issue. I haven't taken the Z out for a test drive due to the current weather conditions so I can't comment on NVH concerns as of yet. But based on feedback from other customers, I suspect NVH won't be an issue.

GKTECH, my apologies for my somewhat harsh review, please feel free to remove it as I don't seem to have the permissions/ability to edit it or delete it myself.
Thank You!

blocks the oil plug

I don't like the design of this differential brace because it blocks the oil intake plug which means you have to take the whole brace off of the diff in order to add oil. sure this may not come up very often but still there are other braces that go around the outside of the subframe and avoid the problem. this is a poor design. no design should block another part that is frequently removed.

Hi Jon, the positive of having to remove the 3 bolts in order to change your diff oil (as you said, not very often) is that our design is by far the strongest design on the market and also the most compact. Compromises always have to be made when designing products but in our opinion this is the best route.