V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup
V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup


V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup

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V2 Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox shifter relocation setup

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Product enquiry

The V2 GKTECH Z33/Z34 gearbox shifter relocation setup has been designed as a bolt on a solution when fitting cd009, cd00a gearboxes to S and R chassis Nissans (although may fit others) and not having the shifter sit back 6" too far.

Our shifter setup sits just 85mm from the rear of the bolt holes on the back of the gearbox.

Designed from scratch with over 200 hours spent modelling, prototyping and testing we are happy with the final result. This design DOES feature reverse lockout.

- CAD designed
- No OEM parts required to fit this to the rear of a Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox
- Features reverse lockout
- Shifter sits just 85mm from the rear of the bolt holes on the back of the gearbox
- Thread for shifter is M10x1.25 (same as S13/S14 SR20 Nissan and many others)

Want more technical information, product benefits and a look into the design process? Click here: https://au.gktech.com/blogs/news/cd009-transmission-shifter-relocation-setup-v2-z33-z34-gearbox-s-chassis

NOTE: Will not work with gearbox yokes larger than the OEM Z33 yoke at 90mm in outside diameter

NOTE: Fitment is based on running an SR20, KA24, VQ35/37 or RB20/25/26. If you're running an engine that sits further back then the shifter will sit further back. Check out this short video from one of our testers on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/p/BFIfc6QHev3/

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Helen Davalos
GKTech s chassis trans mount and cd009 trans brace

Overall experience an impression of the items was terrible, s14 ka-t cd009 conversion, The transmission cross member does not work properly whether you’re using the GK Tech Polly Mount Or using an OEM, The brace shoves the engine to passengerside( even after drilling and hammering tunnel to fit, I pretty much had to cut up a new brace and weld a new plate inn middle just for it to work / sit evenly in tunnel. The gk tech polly trans mount along with gk tech cd009 trans brace shoves the mounting hardware of gk tech shifter (4 13mms)into trans tunnnel, yes trans tunnel has been excessively smashed for clearance.

Hi Helen, if the trans mount and the shifter is not sitting horizontally it sounds like the issue is with your adapter plate and not our product. The adapter plate is what determines the angle that the trans sits on.

Jye Bojic
1997 s14 sr20 application

I found it was easy to setup and install but my only issue was that the shifter sits further back so I had to cut an inch out of the back section of my shifter hole in the car. All in all though I found it to work really well and nicely in the end. Would be cool if there was a short throw shifter available for it as well

Great Product and Amazing Service

Purchased CD009 Relocation Kit a while back from Enjuku. Arrived fast, great service, and I've had multiple questions on multiple occasions and have always been answered same day, and often even late at night. Great service! Manager John was very helpful and even responded on YouTube (I never expect to get a response from video comments. Usually you have to email them directly. I was very impressed.)

Shifter is great. I have a 2000 BMW 3 Series Coupe with a CD009 and a 6.0L chevy LS. The stock Shifter location was WAY too far back. This kit put the Shifter exactly where I needed it. I expected the Shifter to feel more rigid and stiff than the factory setup, but I dont feel any difference. Would recommend this or the V2 to anyone looking to to a trans swap or move their shifter location.

Andy Hardy
Sikky swap ls z

Shifter has a great feel . East to install . And put the shifter right where I needed it I’m my ls swap z .

Layne Richardson
Didn’t work with my CD009 conversion

FAQ did not explain this would not work with a S15 CD009 conversion that still used S15 clutch.

Sadly I had test fitted the item so GK Tech would not allow return regardless if the info provided was incorrect for fitment.

I’m sure the item is of good quality and using different conversion kit may provide better results.

Hi Layne, as you had mentioned in your review for the shifter the cross member didn't line up as intended due to your dual mass flywheel.