S14 /S15 200sx Under Engine Bash Plate
S14 /S15 200sx Under Engine Bash Plate


S14 /S15 200sx Under Engine Bash Plate

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S14 /S15 200sx Under Engine Bash Plate

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Save your sump and K frame with this under engine bash plate. This is designed with low cars in mind and will reduce the risk of damage. It will also help reduce turbulence and improve airflow.

- 3.0mm thick aluminium
- 100% perfect fitment
- Fits S14 and S15 200sx/Silvia


Do you sell bash plates for other cars?
We only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it. We don't do any custom work. Sorry.

Will this bash plate fit with my aftermarket sump?
Providing that your sump doesn't sit below the K frame then this bash plate will fit.

Will this bash plate fit with my aftermarket swaybar?
Providing that your swaybar doesn't sit higher than the level of the K frame (which is the line that the bash plate follows) then you'll be fine. Almost all swaybars sit below the level of the K frame however please check your vehicle before purchasing.

I'm running a different engine in my car, will this bash plate fit?
Providing that your sump doesn't sit below the K frame and that you're running the standard K frame meant for the vehicle that you're buying the bash plate for, then this bash plate will fit.

Do I need to modify anything for the bash plate to fit?
There shouldn't be any need for anything to be modified to fit the bash plate. If you're running an aftermarket intercooler then the brackets for that may bolt up to the lower radiator support and may get in the way but this can easily be resolved by using the bash plate as the mounting point.

Will I still be able to drain the oil from my sump with the bash plate fitted?
Yes, the bash plate has a provision for the stock oil drain position. If you're running an aftermarket sump it may be in a different position to the standard oil drain. Unfortunately it's not possible to cater for everyone and if you're using an aftermarket sump, please take this into consideration.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Well I got to test it out....

Not even joking put the skid plate on 3 days ago drove the car hit a trailer hitch it ripped apart my rack and pinion left a dent in the oil pan and skid plate but my oil pan is not leaking. And I drive the car home with no ps

It would have been so much worse if I didn't have that plate on there
Btw I was going 30mph ish

Mark McMahon
S15 Bash Plate

A god experience and the item looks gr8

Eric Cruz
Amazing service, best product

I haven’t installed the item yet, me being goofy I already dropped it twice in my house hold and it’s sturdy and solid still. Amazing customer service !

Aaron Lagowski
S14 Skidplate review

Before I bought this I considered fabbing one myself but immediately decided against that since I wouldn't be able to replicate this quality or source this thickness of aluminum. I'm so glad I bought this skid plate. Other than the nuts on my k frames being missing the installation of this went smoothly and looked amazing afterwards. The plate is the perfect thickness to handle any abuse the road will dish out. Looking forward to getting it something action!

Save your oil pan before it’s too late.

After lowering the car, I had to get a skid plate. This is a quick fix to put your mind at ease. It’s thick but not too heavy, packaged well and it came with hardware.