Z34 370z steering rack spacer set (pair)
Z34 370z steering rack spacer set (pair)


Z34 370z steering rack spacer set (pair)

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Z34 370z steering rack spacer set (pair)

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Product enquiry

The GKTECH high tensile 4130 zinc coated tie rod extenders screw on to the end of either standard or aftermarket tie rods and allow the tie rods to travel further into the steering rack which creates more steering lock. Great for drift or getting out of parking spots. This rack spacer set offers a grand total of 16mm of rack travel equating to around 12-15 degrees of extra lock without compromising on the amount of thread left in the steering rack.

- DIY installation
- CNC machined high tensile zinc coated 4130 steel


How does this steering rack spacer work?
The steering rack spacer screws between the steering rack and your inner tie rod. It allows the steering rack to travel an extra (16mm). That extra 16mm of rack travel gives approximately 12-15 degrees more lock.

I've installed the rack spacer and I've got a heap of toe in, what happened?
After you have centred your rack (this is CRUCIAL) you will need a wheel alignment. You may also need need to either trim your inner tie rods down to counteract the length that you've just put into the length of the rack or go to an inner with more adjustment. Whether you need to trim the tie rods down depends on your setup. Do NOT trim too much off or else you'll need to get a new tie rod and only trim down once you've centered the rack. Note that the LH side has a larger spacer so it will need the most attention.


NOTE: will not work with OEM tie rod ends on stock LCA's. You will need to use inners with more thread or go to an aftermarket outer with more adjustment (like the ones we make)


Z34 370Z


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Derek King
BA Stuff

Great. I love the customer service and quality

Randy Famoso

These part claim double digit angle increase but apparently don’t increase angle if you already have a roll center correction kit. I purchased these to get a few more degrees of steering angle, but after having them installed and contacting GKTech, they said that they don’t add angle if you already have an “angle kit” or roll center correction kit installed. I’m upset because I ruined my racing alignment and paid labor to have these parts installed for nothing. The price isn’t too high for the parts but after labor, an alignment, shipping, and the parts, I’m looking at about $215 and many wasted hours. I’m not saying that these parts are bad, but more info in the description would have saved me lots of time and money. GKTech said that their angle kit FAQs say that these parts are not necessary for the angle kit, but that isn’t specific enough. The description of this product should clearly state that these parts will NOT increase steering angle on a car that already has a roll center correction kit or angle kit installed. I love GKTech and will continue purchasing their products in the future. I’m sorry for this review, but I believe that others should know about this fact so that they don’t go through the same experience that I’ve went through.

Hi Randy, sorry that you feel this way. Please understand that parts can't necessarily be stacked on top of one another to add an infinite amount of angle which is precisely why we don't sell these alongside our bolt on steering kit. Note that if you do have aftermarket lower control arms, the tie rod spacers would be beneficial in conjunction with our bolt on steering kit. On the other side, these are also good on their own without the bolt on steering kit. Just when added together you won't see extra steering lock that the bolt on steering kit didn't already provide.