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I've been meaning to post some updates on this car but truth be told, I hadn't touched it. We've been expanding our warehouse here in AUS, so amidst the chaos of moving stock and trying to film videos of our latest products I really haven't had the time to pick up the tools.

This a pretty common occurrence as you can see, with the car sitting idle next to another one of my projects I won't make time for.

Wait, carbon doors on a budget?

This week was different! With the time set aside I started to look into things a little more, choose what direction I'm heading and where to start. Considering this chassis is a blank canvas and new to me, we're going to stay on the keep it simple pathway. With the first thing I wanted to address being the smashed passenger door, whilst I had a replacement door already here I was notified that a good friend of mine Dom from Holfords Motors had some carbon doors from an old project of his. Unebelivably gifting them to me, I wasted no time in installing them. This also leaves me with a pair of good condition black doors for when the inevitable happens. Stoked!

Side by side, I already knew I'd like the carbon look on a black car!

Unfortunately for me, this meant not only installing the new doors but installing ALL the window and lock mechanisms off the OEM doors. This striked me as pretty daunting, having replaced the doors on my S13 countless times I've grown a hatred towards swapping the window assemblies over. I was pretty happy to discover it is a MUCH MUCH more simple process on the Z. With the window mech cover unbolting giving an exposed door skin and access to all plus/clips/cables it was a breeze. The end result, worth it!

With the skirt installed, the damage is a little less noticeable. But still enough to bother me!

The first mod that ALL S/Z/R chassis need. Coilovers!

With an FJ62 Cruiser, 180SX, S13 and 350Z being built I had to pick one to be built on a budget. Picking the Z to be the most affordable build meant I wasn't in a position to go and purchase new coilovers, instead I robbed the coilovers from the G35 I'm using as a daily!

Goodbye stock height, you won't be missed!

This was a win win for me, extra comfort driving to work and I saved money on the 350Z. You'd be crazy not to! I'm not a fan of working on the ground using jack stands having had the luxury of a hoist for so long but I got the job done in the end. We're currently undertaking a manual conversion on Greg's 370Z which has taken priority.

Very excited to see that single Brembo caliper becomes two, soon!

As for other updates. We played with some wheel fitment using some spare RPF01 we had in the shop and I am excited to announce that I do have wheels on the way to replace these stock wheels! The car already looks 100x better by simply touching up some damage and installing coilovers.

Black on black, not as bad as I thought. I can't wait for my wheels to get here!

What's next?

I'm still waiting for our COVID restrictions to ease so I can take the car to 21FAB where Stephen will be installing the half cage and making up a seat rail for my Bride ZETA. Until then, I'll be installing our complete super lock combo in the front end where I'll try to document the process in detail. Give some further insight on the parts and walk you through the install. Oh and of course install the new wheels!

Is there anything low car ramps aren't good for?

Again, thank you for reading (The boss is actually ok with my posts so far so really thank you) but if you have any feedback along the way please be sure to share it with us, it’s truly the backbone of our operations and we will continue to take on any constructive criticism!

Zac Bognar

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