Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit
Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit
Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit
Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit


Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit

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Z34 370z in-line hydraulic handbrake kit

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Product enquiry

Setting up a standalone hydraulic handbrake kit can be expensive and require more commitment than what you wanted, which is why we have created an in-line hydraulic handbrake kit.

The in-line hydraulic handbrake kits are significantly cheaper to setup as you don't have the additional cost of more lines, dual caliper brackets and an additional pair of calipers. Unsprung weight is also reduced compared to a dual caliper hydraulic kit. 

Not to mention, the ABS module Nissan uses are renown for being unpredictable, particularly when on track.

Which is why we have replaced the OEM unit with the GKTECH ABS Delete manifold block, which not only removes the ABS but allows the OEM brake system to accept the in-line master cylinder without any issues.
- For race cars only, however, no permanent modifications are required.

The contents: 

ABS Manifold:
This is a direct replacement of your current OEM ABS unit that the braided brake lines we offer will install to.

Braided lines:
Made in-house in Australia using stainless steel fittings and using stainless steel braided line with a PTFE outer these lines are made specifically to suit Nissan S/R chassis' and even include the P clips to locate the line throughout your vehicle.

The GKTECH braided brake lines are assembled using stainless steel fittings and hose that consists of a Teflon inner tube wrapped in stainless steel braid and a PVC outer coating for protection. The brake lines have been independently tested to comply with FMVSS106 standards for brake hoses. This makes the lines ADR approved in Australia and they are marked as such on the brake line assemblies.

The FMVSS106 testing procedure that the lines have been tested against includes the following tests:

  • 370lbs pull test
  • 35 hour whip test
  • 7000psi burst test
  • -45degC to 146degC temperature tests
  • 24 hour salt corrosion resistance test

Handbrake handle:
This beautifully crafted CNC machined aluminium lever has been designed with ergonomics in mind whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Eg. it is comfortable and it looks good. Choose between silver, black, blue, pink, purple, red, orange, gold or neo chrome. 

Master cylinder:
Choose between 5/8" and 3/4". For non Brembo calipers our recommendation is 5/8" and for the Brembo calipers we recommend the 3/4". More on that below in the FAQ's. 

Chassis specific handbrake mount:
Our chassis specific handbrake mounts are designed to ensure that our handbrake assembly can be fitted in an optimal position without the need to cut or drill into your transmission tunnel. We have made 2 different position variants in addition to LHD or RHD specific.

Inside trim = mounts inside/within the center console itself, this will require trimming to the center console for the lever. 

Outside trim = mounts outside the center console itself, no modifications required to the trim when used on either the left and right-hand side.

NOTE: Will not work when replacing a Non-Akebono ABS unit. Eg. if your car came with non Akebono brakes, this will not work.

NOTE #2: Removing the ABS unit will mean that ABS and TCS will no longer work


How do I know which size master cylinder to choose?
The 5/8" master cylinder is proven on the Z/V36 chassis running non Akebono calipers, the lever feel with this master is balanced, having a longer throw to gauge feel while still efficiently locking the rear brakes. 

The 3/4" master cylinder is larger so when used in that same setup the lever feel will be more direct, firmer, and require less throw to lock the rear brakes. If you are running larger brakes such as the factory Akebono calipers and or a larger wheel/tyre setup and do require a bit more bite, we would suggest the 3/4" master cylinder.

Lastly, we have the 7/8” which is slightly larger than the 3/4" for just that bit more of a firm feeling and bite then what 3/4" offers.



Z34 370Z

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