Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off
Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off
Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off
Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off


Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off

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Z34 370z/V36 Super Lock Combo - 15% Off

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The GKTECH Super Lock combo is designed for those that are looking for a combo to get everything at once, install it and dial it in with some seat time.

As opposed to piecing a kit together one by one, which ends up costing more in the long run and can be more frustrating, we do recommend doing things once and doing things right and in this case when purchasing all at once we are offering a 15% discount.

At a minimum the lower control arms must be selected to receive the 15% discount, however, this is a good opportunity to add any of the other parts listed that in most cases are a necessity, all the while those complementary parts also being discounted 15%.

This means it is a good opportunity to get everything you need at the same time!

Below if a brief explanation of the products in this combo, however, more information can be seen in the links provided;

Super Lock Chromoly LCA's

The Super Lock LCA's are only available in the one length which at its minimum length starts at +32mm over OEM and adjust out to +72mm from OEM.

For more information

Steering Angle Kit
This kit bolts straight up to the OEM knuckle, is lightweight yet robust and offers 33% faster steering, around 60 degrees of lock and now with adjustable ackerman it is literally almost too good to be true, but … it is!

For more information

Optional items:

Bolt on conversion rack spacers?

If you are looking for more steering lock then bolt on rack spacers are required. If you aren't looking for more steering lock and you're using your car for grip racing then rack spacers are not required. We have 2 options here.

If your alignment is agressive (low camber, high caster) then you may encounter steering bind in which case the offset rack spacers are recommended. If your steering rack is already relocated and/or your alignment is relatively tame, the non offset rack spacers will be sufficient. 

In addition to providing more rack travel, our rack spacers also convert to the much more common M16x1.0 thread pitch as opposed to the Z34/V36 using an M18 making track side spares practically impossible to find. 

For more information

Bolt on offset rack spacers

Inner Tie rods
Depending on whether you run rack spacers or not and also the length that you set the LCA at you will need different length inner tie rods. We have made inner tie rods that had enough adjustment to suit any configuration with our LCA's/knuckles.

For more information
M14 Super Adjustable inner tie rod

Front Upper camber arms?
If purchasing our front lower control arms, they will push the bottom of the wheel out, resulting in more negative camber.

Our upper camber arms allow adjustment of the upper arm, fixing that issue. As well as eliminating the OEM rubber bushes, which allow zero flex and have zero chill when in operation. These are replaced with super smooth rose joints, allowing the arm to operate on its correct pane!

The GKTech V2 FUCA's allow for both camber caster and adjustment and new to the V2's is that they are adjustable in situ which will save you a load in setup costs.

More information can be seen here;
Z34 370Z Front upper camber arms (FUCA's)


How much angle can I get out of these LCA's?
Our lower control arms can support around 65 degrees of steering lock!

How hard are these to fit?
They are quite easy to install but mechanical knowledge is required and recommended. 

We also include an assembly guide on most product pages, that can be seen above. You are also welcome to get in touch if you need help.

But apart from that, remove your standard LCA's and compression rods and the LCA's will bolt straight in. 

What happens if a bearing needs to be replaced?
They are common sized bearings, which can be found at any local bearing supplier.

The ball joint bearing is a YPB12T
The rose/ heim joints used are a combination of PCML12TS and PCML12TES 

Are these suited to circuit/grip racing?
Yes, absolutely. These arms use of spherical bearings which do make them entirely useful for circuit/grip racing by eliminating bush deflection. Coupled with the built-in caster angle and the additional adjustment to increase track width.

Do I need to do any other modifications to get the most from these LCA's?
You can bolt them in as they are, however, you would only increase your track and caster angle.
Ideally, you would get these alongside our bolt on steering kit and either the bolt on rack spacers or the offset rack spacers.

This for drifting especially will give you a great deal of steering lock and be super smooth to drive with!

Will these fit my car?
We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "confirmed fitment".

How long is the warranty on these arms?
All GKTECH suspension arms come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

The PTFE lined rose/ heim joints come with a 1 year replacement warranty and as mentioned, they are a common size which can be found at any local bearing supplier, or we do keep them on the shelf!

Are these suspension arms legal for use on street cars?
Our understanding is that any suspension arm with a rose joint is not legal for street use in Australia. However, we do recommend that you contact your local RTA for clarification/confirmation. Whether you use a suspension arm with a rose joint on public roads is at your discretion.

Are there any special tools required?
No, a spanner set will do the job which we do sell separately here - Double open ended spanners

Do you carry spare parts for this product?
Yes we carry the following spare parts for this product;


Nissan V36 Skyline Coupe (2008-2013 only)
Nissan V36 Skyline Sedan (2009-2013) (RWD only)


Z34 370Z

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